Testing with iOS TestFlight

It's now easier than ever to test iOS beta versions of your app via TestFlight with TestFlight Public Link. Participants can now sign up to be beta testers directly from the link without being invited via email. 

TestFlight Public Links work for both unmoderated and moderated Native App studies.

First, go to your app’s TestFlight page, click an existing group (or create a new group if needed), and click Enable Public Link

Next, you can copy the public link and place it in your Validately study like this:


When your participant begins the study, they will be prompted to download your app, then return to begin the study session and tasks.


Note, there was a change with how Apple handles signup. When someone joins a TestFlight beta through a public link, they are added as an anonymous tester. You will not know the person’s name or email address unless the user opts to send explicit email feedback back to the developer. You can read more about this here.

Like all TestFlight betas, builds expire automatically after 90 days.

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