December 2017 | Product Updates

We made the following updates in December 2017:

Collaborators Have Arrived!

  • Do you have teammates who you want to take notes during your moderated study but aren't actively conducting their own research? You can now designate a Collaborator to help you take notes during a session.


  • We're planning to add additional functionality for Collaborators to enhance your Insights Reports and improve communication between teammates. 
  • Need to know the difference between an Admin, Owner, Teammate, and Collaborator? This article will help.
  • Collaborators are only available on our Collaborate and Enterprise plans.


Moderated Testing

  • The update to our moderated testing platform has now been rolled out to all customers. You can watch our Moderated Platform Updates Webinar by clicking this link.
  • Live interview sessions are available as well! If you need to only do a face-to-face interview. now you can. If you want to test the participant's screen, you can still request it. 
  • Finally, we've moved the screen-sharing controls on the moderator view. Here's an image of the new placement:


Unmoderated Testing

  • We're releasing an update to our unmoderated testing platform very soon that will allow test participants to share their entire screen. 
  • Unmoderated beta will be available in the next few weeks. Contact us if seeing the testers' entire screen, or even just their whole browser with multiple tabs, sounds interesting to you.

Validately Insights Reports

  • We improved the resolution of images on Insights Reports. Some images were coming through blurry but now are much higher quality.
  • Validately Insights Reports is one of our most powerful and popular features. You can learn more by clicking this link.

And of course, bugs and fixes

  • We fixed some issues with our CSV download.

  • There was a bug related to previewing studies multiple times. We fixed it. Please remember to preview your screener before setting live.

We're Hiring!

  • Validately is hiring a Sales Development Representative (SDR). We're looking for a driven, self-starter to join our fast-growing tech startup that's tripled in size this past year.
  • You can view the full job post here: Validately Careers

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