Validately is now UserZoom GO

Following on the news that Validately became UserZoom GO on October 15th, we wanted to provide more information on how these changes affect our customers.

Our domain has changed - but you will be redirected

You will now find us at If you land on the old login page, you will be redirected to the new one. You will use your existing email address and password to login to the platform.

If you are using SSO to login, you will be redirected to the new link or you can login:

The design of the platform

UserZoom GO now exists under one - unified - brand with UserZoom. We have updated the brand across both products to reflect our story to help customers at any stage of their UX journey, whether starting, scaling or advancing their UX insights practice.

Not only has UserZoom GO be updated, so has the UserZoom platform, so has our website, content our channels, and the UserZoom Academy to reflect this unified brand.

Our email for support has changed

If you need any help, please reach out to us by going to XXX.

Collaboration is even easier

At UserZoom, we believe that user research is a very powerful tool for everyone designing and building digital product experiences. And that insights should be the basis for decision-making across all teams, not just the team that captured them.

To ensure the power of user insights can be shared across the entire organization, unlimited collaborators are now included across all our current plans.

Test prototypes in XD using UserZoom GO

Streamline the process of testing design prototypes in Adobe XD with our new plugin. Built to streamline the process of building and launching a test without leaving XD, gaining rapid answers to design questions within your existing workflow. Simply install the UserZoom GO plugin for Adobe XD.

What has not changed since October 15?

The platform’s functionality

There has been no change to how UserZoom GO works; we have updated the look and feel of our brand across both products to deliver a consistent experience. The workflow within the platform has remained the same.

Study links will continue to work

Although our domain and links have changed, any existing links will continue to work. You can continue to schedule sessions and send out links to participants that have the existing domain. These were automatically be redirected on October 15, and participants will not experience issues with links sent out before October 15th.

Your login credentials

Only the page you log in via has changed - although that will be redirected to the new domain. Please continue to log in using your existing details.

The Validately app

At the moment there is no change to the Validately application, participants will still be directed to download the mobile app once they click on a session/test link.

Our commitment to you

Behind this update, you will find the same team dedicated to providing you with the best product and support to create digital experiences that customers love.

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