October 2017 | Product Updates

Moderated Testing

  • With our new moderated experience, you can now use the With browser bar option. This has the test participant use their standard Chrome Browser so they have back button controls as well can use multiple tabs. If you don't see this option, please contact us at XXX.

  • Before a session starts, anyone who is logged into Validately can have a discussion before allowing the test participant into the session.
  • At the end of your session, you will now see a notification that your recording was saved to help you dispel any worries that it was not.

Validately Insights Reports

Your video clips, now with an automated transcription, powered by Google Speech.


And of course, bug and fixes

  • In the past few weeks, there were some issues saving clips. We fixed them!
  • We've made upgrades to our Insights page. It is now much more stable when including many video clips.
  • Mac OS High Sierra introduced a bug that would not let a test participant start the test. No longer!

Also, it's research time again! (well it's always research time, but you get it...)

Are you interested in getting "Voice of the Customer" or capturing in-the-moment, ethnographic like videos? If so, take this screener and find time on my calendar.

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