Can I preview my study before launching?

You can preview your unmoderated study before launching it.

When creating an unmoderated study for mobile or desktop, you can preview it so you can see exactly how it will behave for the test participant. 

You will see the option on the very last page of the study set up, right before you launch. You can copy the preview link and open it in another browser tab (or send it to your mobile). 

This is a great way to make sure your study is set up perfectly and that the prototypes are working as expected before launching them to participants.


Please note that all recordings made while the study is in Preview Mode will not be saved.  Testing in Preview Mode will not count against the requested number of responses, so you can preview your study as often as you like before you launch.  (You can even share the preview link with a colleague so they can give it a try!)

See something that needs to be changed?   You can make edits as needed and preview the study again as needed!

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