October 2018 | Product Updates

New Unmoderated Interview, Native iOS and Slack!

New Research Methods 

We’ve just unleashed something new. We call it an Unmoderated Interview. We also call it courage! It’s live today on mobile and desktop. See the Unmoderated Interview Sample below:


Recently, we’ve used it internally as a Voice of the Customer tool. It’s been great and has really simplified bringing the voice and face of our customer to our entire team!

Unmoderated Native iOS  For BYO

We recently launched unmoderated Native iOS app testing with our panel, and NOW you can BYO or use your own test participants as well. Testing with Beta apps is also coming soon.


Slack Integration

A new Slack integration has been added and it’s getting great feedback. Connect a Validately workspace to a Slack channel and have all completed recordings appear in Slack. For moderated studies, when the session begins, the Slack channel is notified so anyone can come in and help the moderator take notes. 

Learn more about Slack and Validately


Reminder: @Mentions for Team Collaboration

Want to notify a teammate while watching a live session or post-session video? Now you can tag your teammate and collaborators right from inside Validately.


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