Uploading Videos to Moderated Studies

If you are a Corporate license holder, it is now possible to upload videos to your moderated studies! Videos must be in MP4 format, but can be from anywhere! (another UserZoom GO moderated session, WebEx, Zoom, mobile phone, etc.)

From the Videos & Clips area, you'll see a new Upload a video button:

From there, you'll be given a window so you can select a video file to upload.   

Please note:  uploading a video takes a bit of time of course, but there is also a period of post-processing which also can take more time than you would expect. This is normal and you would see the same if you try to upload any video to video services like Youtube or Google Drive.

Important:  If you download a video from another UserZoom GO study, the notes cannot be uploaded to the other study with the video. 

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