July 2019 | Product Updates

We have a few big announcements for you in this newsletter:

  1. Validately was acquired by UserZoom!
  2. Moderated phone support is here!
  3. Unmoderated panelists now have “5-star” ratings.

Validately was acquired by UserZoom and we’re really excited!

This past month we’ve been working with the UserZoom team to figure out how to blend the best of both companies into a super awesome solution for our customers.

We’ll soon be presenting a webinar with more details on what the future looks like - stay tuned for details next month. 


Moderated Phone Support - it’s here!

Our number one requested feature is now available for all customers. During moderated sessions, the Moderator and Test Participant can now use their phone for audio!

More details can be found in our FAQ section here.


Unmoderated panelist ratings are now out of 5 stars.

When rating a panelist response, you previously only had the option of 1, 2 or 3 stars. Now we moved our rating from 3 stars to 5 stars, giving you more flexibility and granularity when rating your participant.


Here’s what the star ratings mean:

  • 1. Star (Failed)
  • 2. Star Poor)
  • 3. Star(Satisfactory)
  • 4. Star(Good)
  • 5. Star(Excellent)

Please note: soon you’ll be able to rate panelists after your moderated session as well.


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