March 2019 | Product Updates

Big Moderated Update, Unlimited Screeners, Beta testing, and Spanish Support

Here’s what’s new and improved at Validately.

Improved Moderated Studies

We released a major upgrade to our Moderated technology! 👍

  • Improved connectivity - we rewrote our back-end to make connections much more reliable.
  • A new streamlined system check process for faster session joining.
  • Collaborators are now called Note-takers during moderated sessions.

Customers are loving the update! Here’s some of the feedback we received:

"Love the revamp of the system check!!" - UX researcher at an enterprise Saas company

"Looks good! We noticed an improvement in the connectivity and on-boarding of testers since the roll out of this. Good job!" - Researcher at a digital agency

Full details on the Moderated study improvements

Sourcing the perfect participant

  • If you’re using Validately’s panel with moderated studies, you can mark test participants as a No show, and Validately will automatically recruit a replacement - See how.
  • Collaborate and Enterprise customers now have unlimited screener questions for unmoderated studies.

Planning and analyzing your studies

  • We’ve added Email Notification Preferences - you can now control exactly what email notifications you receive regarding @mentions, comments and recordings. Don’t like email? You can always use our Slack integration.
  • We’ve greatly improved clip transcription quality for Insight Reports. More transcription goodness coming soon. 😄

Beta app testing with iOS

  • Need to test beta versions of Native iOS apps? You can now easily do so with TestFlight!

New video tutorials and how-to guides

Check out these new resources to help you or your teammates get up and running with their research in just minutes.

  • Validately Full Demo (20 min video)
  • Quick Overview (2 min video)
  • Creating and Conducting Moderated Studies (4 min video)
  • Creating Unmoderated Studies (article)

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