February 2019 | Product Updates

Architecture and Experience Update

In the past few months, our team has been hard at work digging into the core of our moderated technology to make sure we are giving you the best experience possible. We are extremely excited to bring you an important update. We have heard great feedback from our beta testers. They can really tell the difference.

On the Backend

We’ve invested a lot of effort in the underlying core backend architecture, and improving the overall performance of our Moderated application. Users should notice a much smoother experience overall. Some highlights include:

  • Better recovery from temporary internet drops (especially on mobile)
  • Mobile sessions have no limits on the number of connected moderators
  • The system check has been simplified and should fail less and more accurately represent how the session may go

Onboarding Flow

Besides the architecture improvements, we’ve started to improve the flow for different participants. If you start a moderated session and are logged into Validately, you will now see your camera, microphone, and speaker settings all in one place. You can also choose to check your connection as often (or not) as you wish. See below:


One thing we’ve heard frequently is that there was confusion about the difference between the Moderator and the Collaborator role during a live session. So we also changed the title of the role from Collaborator to Note-taker. We describe all of this in further detail here.

If a person is not logged into Validately, and thus wants to join as a test participant or an observer, they go through the full system check. However, if they encounter any issues, they can now continue on to the next step.

See the gif below, where the user was able to click “Click here to continue anyway”


The end result is that no one will get stuck completing the system check. Everyone will join the session and can use text chat as a backup for communication.

The moderator will also see the result of the system check of all participants.

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