Conducting a live moderated session

Getting ready for your first moderated session, how does it work?

You have launched your moderated study, yay!  Here is a little more on what to expect and how to make sure it goes off without a hitch!  Check out who can join a moderated session and what the different roles are here:

The first step is to select the test participant from the waiting room and start recording the session.


Once you have started the session and selected the test participant you will be able to do the following.

Take time-stamped notes!

When conducting a moderated session, it is possible to take notes that you can refer back to later. You, as moderator, can do this (multi-tasking!), the Note-Taker(s) is able to assist in note-taking.

Notes are attached to your recording, are time-stamped, can be used in conjunction with flags and tags, and are able to be exported for use later alongside your recording.


Chat can be used only to communicate between moderator and observer or tester, but these messages do not get saved like notes and are unavailable after the session is completed.



Start Screen Share

You start the screen share by clicking the button on the bottom and then select if you want to have the participant share their screen or you can share your own screen.

NOTE Remind the participant that you will have access to their entire screen and they should close or minimize any windows they don't want to be seen or recorded.


You can read more about participant screen share here:

How do I share the test participant's screen?

Sharing the moderator's screen

Changing the URL the test participant sees during the study

After the test participant shares their screen, you will see the URL the tester is viewing.


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