May 2019 | Product Updates

Easier Account Management, Faster Video Processing, Change Your Audio or Video Device, Phone Support

Here’s what’s new and improved at Validately.

Enterprise Account Management

We've made it much easier to manage your users across workspaces with the new account management page.

See everyone on your team, together with what roles they have and what workspaces they have access to. Change a user’s access to a workspace, or remove them from your account in just a couple of clicks.

Full details here.

Audio and Video Devices in Moderated Sessions

If you have multiple mics or cameras, you can now easily change your microphone or camera mid-session with the new Devices option in your right navigation bar.


Faster Video Processing

Our awesome engineering team made significant technological improvements to the workflow that processes videos for unmoderated sessions. As a result, the processing times are faster, giving you ready-to-view results faster than ever before!

Phone Support

It's almost finally here! We've been internally testing our new phone support and are really excited to soon be releasing it to customers.

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