January 2018 | Product Updates

New Unmoderated Desktop Testing Platform

  • The audio bug that caused a feedback sound when starting an Unmoderated desktop test has been fixed with this new Unmoderated update. We are rolling it as quickly as possible to all users very soon.
  • Desktop Unmoderated studies now record the test participant's entire screen. This gives you the flexibility to test on multiple browser tabs as well as potentially test materials outside of Google Chrome.
  • Tests now run directly through the participant's Google Chrome browser - not the Validately Recorder. This results in more natural responses during your studies.

Validately Insights Reports are no longer in Beta!

  • Insights Reports is one of our most popular and powerful features.
  • Import all your notes and video clips using hashtags

  • Easily create highlight reels

  • Video transcription is available for all video clips.

  • Here is a sample report that we created in under an hour.

Moderated Test Participant Recruiting

  • Validately now offers same-day recruiting for your moderated studies!
  • Provide us with your demographics, screener questions, and availability and the study will be immediately sent to Validately's panel.

Experience plan pricing for recruiting:


Audience, Collaborate, and Enterprise plans prices for recruiting:


Moderated Testing Platform Updates

  • After the session starts, all new moderators and observers join on mute to minimize distraction.
  • If the moderator or test participant drop off due to an internet outage, the recording will continue and pick up where you left off. On your results page, you will only see one recording for the session.
  • We now offer participants a camera selector when joining the session. This is valuable for testers with multiple cameras, such as on a Windows Surface or if you are doing in-person moderated testing and wish to use a separate webcam or document camera.

Video Watching Experience 

  • We've added a start and end time field to the clip creation, so you can be specific to the second.

  • We've added a 5 second back button to make sure you heard that right.


We're Hiring!

  • Validately is hiring an Account Executive (AE). We're looking for a driven, self-starter to join our fast-growing tech startup that's tripled in size this past year

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