What If the Test Contributor Doesn't Attend as Scheduled?

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Did your Live Conversation not go as planned? This article provides possible reasons why a contributor didn’t attend as scheduled and some best practices to help prevent no-shows.

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We pride ourselves on having a robust network of potential test contributors who are eager to share their insights with you. We send the test contributors an email confirming their test slot, as well as reminders the day before and the day of the scheduled session. While our "no-show" rate is below industry standards, there may be occasions when a contributor cannot attend as scheduled.

Potential reasons for a no-show could be last-minute events that conflict with the Live Conversation: an unexpected illness, technical difficulties, or a contributor forgot.

Please give your contributor a 5–10 minute grace period as they may be experiencing technical difficulties. If a contributor indicates they're unable to attend the meeting or doesn’t show after ten minutes, UserTesting will flag them as a no-show. The updated status will show at the bottom of the list on your Dashboard. The session will be canceled and replaced. A new contributor will be screened and added to the test to take their place. You may be asked to update your availability depending on how much notice we receive. 

Note: You will not be charged if your contributor is a no-show. Once they’re flagged in the system as a “no-show,” the session will be canceled and replaced.


Best Practices

  • Try to schedule interviews later in the day on Mondays or later in the week to ensure contributors are more readily available.

  • Reduce the lead time in between scheduling and fieldwork. Schedule sessions the same week you launch the test so it’s top of mind for contributors and reduces the chances they’ll forget about signing up for an interview.

  • Finally, while this would be difficult to do with larger sample sizes, direct message the recruited contributor(s) a few hours before the Live Conversation—doing so adds a personal touch and also serves as a reminder.

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