How to Host an Image

At a Glance

Upload images that can be displayed to your contributors during a test. Get feedback on ads, images for marketing campaigns, social media posts, mock-ups of pages, and more.


The Image asset feature allows you to upload one or more images into a test. You can then collect feedback on those images. For example:

  • Upload a hero image you intend on using and then present a multiple choice question to see what adjectives the hero image evokes.
  • Upload the image of a new screen design for your software. Then, present a series of tasks where contributors use their cursor to show you where they would go to accomplish tasks with that screen. You can follow those tasks with the image of the next screen design and ask for the next step they would take.
  • Upload the image of an email the contributor would get after registering for your site. Then present follow-up questions to determine if they understand the contents of that email.

How It Works

To upload an image, simply drag and drop the image task into your website or prototype study.

Note: This functionality is not available for app tests.

You will then be prompted to upload an image file. Please note that only PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and PDF are supported. The maximum file size is 5MB. We advise against using hyphens or special characters in filenames as they may prevent the image from displaying properly.

Once the image is uploaded, it will appear as a task within the test plan with instructional text for the contributor. If needed, the instructional text can be edited.

The image will be displayed at a URL, so will be visible to the contributor as they complete subsequent tasks. Therefore, you can present multiple tasks and questions about the image you upload.

Any number of images can be uploaded into a study.



The hosted assets are encrypted at rest and only accessed through SSL. These are kept securely in our AWS infrastructure and only accessible through secure links that are inactive unless the test is in progress and used by the assigned, active test contributor.

Note: While contributors cannot access the secure images after the test is complete, they can download and save any image file during the test. Your information is still protected by a confidentiality agreement that prohibits contributors from disclosing any details regarding your test.

Read more about how UserTesting protects your information, and see our “Custom Confidentiality Terms” article for instructions on using the UserTesting confidentiality terms feature to attach your own additional confidentiality documents to your test.


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