How to Get Feedback on a Video with the URL Asset

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When you need to get feedback on a video, this article explains how to create a test that launches a video with the URL Asset type on the UserTesting platform.


How It Works

1. Create a test and navigate to the URL Asset type.

Start by creating a new unmoderated test for a website. When you get to the step of building your test plan, navigate to Assets.  

Select the URL option by dragging the icon to your Test Plan.

2. Choosing a URL

With the video you want feedback on, upload the link from a hosting service that is publicly accessible to your contributors. It can be hosted on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube—there are many different hosting options you can choose from.  

Grab the publicly accessible URL that is generated by the hosting service and paste it into the Launch URL task.


If the URL content is the first thing you want your contributors to see, then directly include the link in the Starting URL section.


Note: It is better not to put the link to your video as the starting URL. If you want the contributor to see the video as the first step in the test, include a first task that explains to the contributor that they will be taken to a video and they should watch the full video, then move on to the next task. Then make the second task the URL to the video.

3. Preview

Preview your test plan before launching. 


As a best practice, preview your video content in your test before you launch to ensure everything works with the URL. 

4. Pilot the test
Then, launch the test to one contributor as a pilot test, to ensure contributors outside of your organization can access the URL.

Note: While pointing to a video asset on your own proprietary system during the preview or pilot test, you might notice that the video plays but only a black box is recorded on the video. If this happens, check with your project team to make sure that your system does not have any restrictions in place that prevent the recording of videos on that system.

Testing videos during a Live Conversation

  • Share your screen and play the video for the contributor (be sure to check that you are sharing your computer sound when you share your screen).
  • Or share the link to the video in the Chat within Zoom so that the contributor can click on it and watch the video on their machine while they are sharing their screen with you.

Note: There may be some video lag due to Zoom bandwidth, so giving the contributor the link to the video to watch on their own machine may work best.


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