How Do I End My Live Conversation?

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In the Zoom platform, simply click End Meeting. Your Live Conversation was automatically recorded and will be uploaded to your UserTesting Dashboard after a brief processing period. In most cases, this happens within an hour or two. 

Why did my Live Conversation session end without warning?

Have you conducted a Live Conversation and—before you clicked End Meeting—the call ended abruptly, perhaps even while a contributor was answering a follow-up question or before you had the opportunity to thank the contributor for participating?

There are two things to understand that can prepare you to head off such awkwardness: 

  1. The recording's start time begins as soon as the first person shows up on the call, whether that person is the moderator or the contributor. 
  2. There’s a grace period that can encompass the time before and after the scheduled start and end times for the session. 

The grace period could be up to 15 minutes,* but there are no assurances as to the length. With that in mind, a best practice is, as you come up against the scheduled end time, to alert the contributor that the session could end abruptly (especially if either you or the contributor joined the call before the scheduled start of the session). At this point, you should start to wrap up your conversation and ask any final questions, to ensure you get the information you need for your study.

*Note: If the contributor doesn't join within 10 mins of the scheduled start time, the session is automatically canceled and replaced for a new user to screen for. 

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