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The Custom Network invite link gives customers the ability to control who joins their network. Find out more about what this feature is and how it can be used.


Inviting people to join your Custom Network

As a customer, you can invite new people to join any of your existing Custom Networks by selecting Invite contributors from the Custom Networks tab on the Contributor Networks page. This allows you to copy and share a link with the people you want to invite. Anyone with access to your invite link can join your network.

Replacing your invite link

You can also replace your Custom Network invite link. By doing so, the existing invite link is immediately deactivated and a new link is created. Contributors will not be able to join your network through any previous, deactivated link.


If you replace your invite link and choose not to share it, you can effectively “close” your Custom Network to new joiners. This is not only more secure but also gives you a more refined way to manage who joins your network.

You will be able to view and reference your most recent deactivated link, as well as the time and date that the link was replaced.


Remember to go through all your external materials where the original link was shared or embedded and update with the new link to make sure people are still able to join.

Referral codes

Additionally, you can add another dimension to your Custom Network tests with referral codes. Use referral codes to invite people from different social platforms, people who attended a conference, fans in a loyalty program, and more. When you launch a test, you can select contributors based on the referral code they used to join your network.


To use referral codes:

  1. Choose Invite contributors from the Options menu and select Copy link.
  2. Paste the link into a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on macOS. Invitation links always end with /join:
  3. Type ?RID= at the end of the link, followed by a referral code:
  4. Share the invitation link with the referral code to anyone you want to join your network.

When you’re ready to launch a test, select Referral Code from the list of filters in the sidebar, then select a referral code to include the people who signed up with that referral code.

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