What Is a Power Session?


At a Glance

Power Sessions are half-hour consultations during which you can discuss and refine your testing goals and strategies with a member of our Research Consulting team. These sessions are available to customers who have subscribed to the Premier Support service.



Power sessions are available to Premier Support subscribers and customers with Basic Plus Onboarding. 

  • If you have a Premier Support subscription, you have access to an unlimited number of Power Sessions.
  • If you have Basic Plus Onboarding, you’ll get six 30-minute sessions (work with your onboarding specialist for more details).

Having this level of access to a Research Consultant can support testing goals in a number of ways:

  • Test plan reviews: Get instructive feedback for fine-tuning your test plan that best serves your objectives.
  • Tips for effective analysis: Such tips will help pinpoint key insights from your test results—findings that you can then share with your team and other key stakeholders.
  • Strategic guidance: Discuss with your UserTesting researcher whether implementing advanced methodologies—card sorting, diary and/or ethnographic studies—would best serve your testing purposes (see Recommended Topics below).
  • Advanced recruitment tips: Need help getting qualified study contributors? Our researchers can show you how to use demographic filters and screener questions within the UserTesting platform to accomplish that goal. 
  • Roadmapping: Our researchers will show you how to identify the series of relevant studies that will support a single product or project.

When scheduling a Power Session as a Premier Support subscriber, you’ll be asked on the scheduling form to select from a list of options a topic that you wish to discuss with one of our research consultants. These topics include:

  • Devising a research strategy
  • Methodologies
  • Creating a Test
  • Analyzing results and sharing findings  

If the topics listed do not address your testing needs, feel free to write in on the scheduling form the topic you wish to discuss. 

Booking a Power Session

To book a Power Session through Premier Support, please use the information provided by your CSM or Account Manager. Also, using the Chat feature in the UserTesting Platform connects you to Power Sessions and to other Premier Support value add-ons.


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