Favorite Contributors: Overview


At a Glance

The Platform's Favorite Contributors feature allows you to create and manage networks of contributors you want to test with again in future tests.


Favorite Contributors are available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


Key Features


The Add to favorites link will only show next to contributors belonging to the UserTesting Contributor Network.

UserTesting Favorite Contributors feature allows you to...

  • Track favorite test contributors: Ever wish you could save a list of your favorite test contributors? Now you can. Create favorite contributor networks of thoughtful, articulate test contributors and use them on future tests (e.g., in highlight reels) to capture their insights.
  • Test with the same test contributors across tests: Invite the same test contributors for longitudinal tests (e.g., a benchmark study) or when it’s important for the same people to see a new or updated version of a previous test.
  • Create a fine-tuned network of test contributors: Sometimes demographics and screeners aren’t enough. Create networks of test contributors who match stricter requirements.

Favorite Contributors are listed by workspace, but anyone on your account will have access to it.

Note: The "Fresh Eyes” feature, which is a default setting preventing repeat contributors from completing more than one of your tests (on the account level) in a given time frame does not apply for Favorite Contributors.

If you wish to restrict access for members of your favorite network, use the Test Frequency filter, which available as a demographic filter when building your audience. This filter allows you to set a time frame (by number of days), which triggers the Platform to block contributors from testing if they’ve previously participated in one of your tests within that time frame.

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