Navigating the New Dashboard Experience

At a Glance

Welcome to the UserTesting beta navigation design! We’ve organized your core Platform functions into a centralized navigation bar and redesigned the folder structure so that all your tools and insights are now just a click away.


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Why We’re Updating

The new navigation experience aims to deliver improved organization and findability of core Dashboard tools like tests, drafts, folders, highlight reels, contributor networks, workspaces, and templates. Instead of hunting for what you need in nested items, locate UserTesting Platform features in an accessible and prioritized format. 

The new navigation bar provides quick access to customer insights to guide your business decisions and stay on top of multiple projects with just a few clicks. With the new, intuitive navigation and folder management, enable your entire team to launch tests and collaborate—no matter the size of your organization. 

What’s New

  • New global navigation: Key items like tests, highlight reels, folders, and templates are consolidated into a persistent global navigation bar for quick, easy access.
  • Accessible Workspace Switcher: The Workspace Switcher lives at the top left of your screen for toggling between projects. Switching workspaces will automatically display relevant folders and tests in the navigation bar. 
  • Folder management: You can now view and access your folders directly through the navigation bar. New tests will no longer be added to the default folder.
  • Help center: The help center has been consolidated to house the UserTesting Knowledgebase, UserTesting University, CommUnity, and Chat.
  • Back navigation: New breadcrumbs offer an intuitive path to navigate to the previous page or Dashboard homepage. 

Navigation Panel Overview

1. The navigation panel allows you to toggle between tests, drafts, and highlight reels in a single view on the Dashboard. 


2. Select Templates...

Screen_Shot_2022-07-11_at_1.53.29_PM.png access the Template gallery.


3. Choose Manage Templates for the Template Library, where you will find completed tests, test plans, screeners, and Quick Answers (if available on your account) related to your workspace.


4. Click Contributor networks...

Screen_Shot_2022-07-11_at_1.53.29_PM.png get to your Favorite contributors and Custom Networks.


Managing Folders

Create a folder by clicking the “+” symbol next to Folders to organize your tests, drafts, and highlight reels.


Click a folder you have created to view its contents on the Dashboard.


Create a Test

The New button is now the Create test button, where you can build an unmoderated test, create a test from a template, schedule a Live Conversation, or upload a video.


Account Menu

Click on your account initials to find your Settings and Messages. You can also sign out of your account.


Switching Workspaces

Click the workspace drop-down menu to select the workspace view you want. You can also create and manage workspaces from this menu and access your account settings.


Managing Tests and Drafts

Click on Tests in the navigation panel and filter tests by status on the Dashboard (Completed, New sessions, and Problem).


Click on Drafts in the navigation panel and filter your drafts view by selecting Needs approval or Approved.


Help Resources

If you need additional support and guidance, click the “?” button by the account menu. Choose either the Knowledgebase (help articles), UT University (live and on-demand courses), CommUnity (discussion forum and more), or Chat (ask a question) from the drop-down menu.


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