Available upload types and file sources

EnjoyHQ supports a variety of data formats for you to import as content or to enrich your research insights. Here are all of the file types, along with links to dedicated documentation pages.

Supported file types and maximum file sizes

  • Video recordings - learn more (file size limit is 5GB)

  • Audio files - learn more (file size limit is 5GB)

  • Document formats (Word, Google Docs, RTF etc) - learn more (file size limit is 100MB)

  • Spreadsheets (CSV, Excel, Google Sheets) - learn more (file size limit is 50MB)

  • Presentation files (PPT, PPTX, PDF) - learn more (file size limit is 100MB)

  • You can upload images as part of your notes, Stories and Project Plans & Reports - learn more

  • You can attach arbitrary files to notes, Stories, and Project Plans & Reports


Upload sources

You can import files from your computer or supported cloud sources:

  • Google Drive

  • Box.net

  • Dropbox

  • Microsoft Drive

Please note that all of these sources act similarly to a file picker, meaning that there's no automatic file sync - you have to choose the files that you want to import.

Read more about how cloud file imports work.

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