Using a short test

A short test can help you get focused feedback from higher sample sizes.


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What is a short test?


A short test can help you get focused feedback from higher sample sizes. Create a targeted test plan with a recommended max of five tasks, then filter to get your desired audience. Get back five-minute video responses of all contributors completing your test.

  • Short test supports testing PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and PDF images and testing any experience via URL. Short tests are recommended for:
    • Preference and A/B testing
    • First impressions
    • Testing assets such as prototypes and designs


Create a short test from a template


  • Select the template you want to use, then customize it to fit your needs. The following templates can use a short test:
    • Task Success: Discover if individuals can complete a single task successfully.
    • Preference Between Two Websites: Observe which website individuals prefer by first showing them one option, then another.
    • Preference Between Two Visuals: Observe which visual individuals prefer by first showing them one option, then another.
    • Initial Impressions: Learn what people think when they first see something.
    • First Click Test: Identify users’ first steps by observing how individuals expect to complete a task.
    • Interview Primer: Find your right audience by having individuals answer a few quick questions about their experiences or expertise.


Create your own short test



  • Conduct a short test with as many individuals as you like--as few as one or up to 100.
  • If you choose to create your own test plan, the Starting Instructions will be completed based on the type of test you are giving.
  • Under Test plan, click the Short Test toggle.
  • Add up to five tasks to your test plan. You can change the order of the tasks, edit the contents of a task, duplicate a task, or delete a task.
  • Use tasks designed for large audience groups, like multiple choice, rating scale, and the keyword map feature on verbal response tasks, to quickly pinpoint and identify trends in your responses.
  • Contributors only get five(5) minutes to complete a short test. To ensure contributors finish the test in time, we do not recommend adding more than five tasks.
  • If you want contributors to spend more than five(5) minutes on the test, turn off Short test



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