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The UserTesting platform allows you to manage email notifications, including information about completed tests and—for some Admin Users—notifications about activity on the account.

Notification types

There are two types of email notifications you can manage:

  • Team members can control how frequently they’ll receive emails from UserTesting about completed tests. 
  • Account Admins on the Flex plan can receive email notifications when sizable tests are launched or we are seeing high activity from team members or both. To learn more, view our Managing the Flex Plan for Admins course.

Test completion emails

Edit the UserTesting email notifications you receive for completed tests by following these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Dashboard.

Step 2. Click your initials at the top of the Dashboard. An account menu drop-down appears. Click Settings. You're taken to the default General tab in the Settings section.


Step 3. Depending on the type of account you have, there are two types of subscription notifications to be aware of:

  • General email frequency: On the General tab, you can set how often you wish to be emailed notifications. Scroll to the "Edit email preferences" section and, under "General email frequency," select from one of the three options: 


  • Subscription (account activity) notifications: If you have a Flex-plan account and you're the admin of that account—if neither condition applies, this option will not be visible—you'll want to keep track of your plan's Session Units. Go to the Subscription tab and scroll to the "Subscription notifications" section. You can choose to set Session Unit limits by team member (monthly threshold), test (single test), or both. You'll be notified by email should either of these ceilings be surpassed.


Let's look at these two account activity-notification options in greater detail:

a. Team members' monthly amount: As the admin, you'll receive this notification when we notice high activity from a team member in a month, and they have gone over the monthly amount of Session Units you set. 

The default is set to 250 Session Units per member, per calendar month, but can be reset or changed at any time. This setting applies to all members of the account within a calendar month. This amount cannot be adjusted for individual team members. 

b. Single test amount: You may receive this notification when we see launched a test large enough so as to exceed the number of Sessions Units set per single test. You, as an Account Admin, can reset or change this default number ceiling at any point. 

Example: If the single test amount is set to 100 Session Units, and a team member launches a test that uses 101 Session Units or more, Account Admins will receive a notification email.

Step 4: When you've finished settling on your email frequency and account notification preferences, click Update.

To recap:

  • Only accounts that have opted in to receiving emails will be notified of these activity updates.
  • These notifications are automatically received by the Account Admins only and other team members on the account, such as Creators and Viewers, will not receive these notifications.
  • Account Admins can change the settings at any time. 
  • Opting in to set Session Unit numbers and receive activity notifications does not prevent team members from launching tests or going over these number limits.

Any questions you have about activity notifications can be directed to your Customer Service Manager (CSM). If you do not have a CSM, please contact our Success team at

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