Note: This article refers to a legacy plan type that may not apply to your current UserTesting account. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you need clarification regarding your plan.



Credits are used to order and launch studies. 1 credit equals 1 standard 15-minute session/video with 1 UserTesting participant, performed on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Your subscription may come with a set number of credits to run desktop and/or mobile tests. Enterprise plans that include unlimited testing credits are also available.

Remaining Credit Balance

You can see how many credits you have on the top right corner of your dashboard:


Note: If you are on a subscription plan that includes unlimited credits, you will not see a credit balance.

Credit Refunds

If you encounter extreme technical or performance issues with your study, we can refund your testing credit. Please note that this will also remove the video from your dashboard.

To request a credit refund, select Report a Problem in the video player or email your Customer Success Manager. Share the specific session number (it's a 7 digit number ending in a letter) and a reason for the request. If your request is approved, your Customer Success Manager will remove the video and credit your account.

Adding Credits to Your Account

If you need additional credits on your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the options. You may be able to upgrade your subscription to meet your testing needs.

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