What Is Prototype Testing?

At a Glance

Prototype testing consists of sharing prototypes or wireframes with participants to view on their desktop or mobile device to assess the viability of a design during the development cycle. Read more on how to get started.



For prototype tests, we suggest that you start testing as soon as you have a rough mockup of an idea and then continue to test as you revise your prototype. We find that getting user feedback early and often can help ensure that a site or app launch is successful.

Prototype Testing with UserTesting

At UserTesting, we're happy to assist and consult with you as you develop your prototype, however, it's important to note that we're much better researchers than we are designers. Because of this, we encourage you to develop your prototype to the best of your ability.

Your prototype can range from a static image to a fully functional test app/site, and it will need to be shared with study participants. Once your prototype is ready, determine which research methodology will be best for your study.

Getting Started

Programs like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to share static images. To share higher fidelity prototypes, you can use programs like InVision or other tools. If you build a prototype in-house, we're happy to help you share it with study participants. Please keep in mind that your firewall may restrict participants from viewing the prototype. Once your prototype is ready, place the link to it in the starting URL of the order form or within the first task.

We recommend that you use Dropbox to share static images on mobile devices as it does not require login credentials to view the file. For more information about unreleased app testing check out these articles for iOS and Android.


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