What Is an Omnichannel Study?

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A channel is a medium of interaction between a user and a company. The key to omni-channel CX is that the channels are not limited to digital channels, they can be digital or physical.



The key difference between multichannel and omnichannel is that omnichannel joins these touchpoints together so regardless of a customer’s journey, the experience is consistent and unified.

What is an omnichannel study?

An omnichannel study captures activities that span more than one channel or device. For example, if a customer visits a retailer’s website to check if an item is in stock at a nearby store and then visits the brick-and-mortar store to purchase that item, they have completed an omnichannel experience.

Why are omnichannel studies helpful?

An omnichannel study is valuable when you want to understand the user experiences of a brand, company, or organization across channels.

When should an omnichannel study be conducted?

Omnichannel studies can be conducted at any time, but they are particularly valuable when conducted before any redesign efforts. By doing so, researchers can identify what’s working well and what needs to be improved in the existing omnichannel experience.


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