Create Your Own Custom Panel

Custom Panel

When you have a specific group of people in mind for a study, you should create a custom panel of participants that meet the persona, profile or background that you need. Doing so gives you a measure of control in ensuring that the right people participate in your study, yielding you useful, actionable insights.

We recommend trying My Recruit

We’ve recently created a new product offering called My Recruit which offers a better experience for participants. We recommend considering using My Recruit over Custom Panels for running unmoderated studies with your own customers. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.

Creating a Custom Panel

To create your own custom panel you’ll need to recruit and onboard your own participants. We recommend using the following steps:

1. Contact UserTesting.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started with your custom panel.

2. Recruit & Onboard Participants.

Reach out to the users that you want to participate. If you don't have a list of users yet, we recommend contacting relevant Forum and Community managers to target top contributors. Be brief when explaining the benefits of participating in your study (e.g., first to test beta releases, compensation, etc.). You'll also want to over-recruit users, just in case people drop out of your study. As you recruit participants you'll want to communicate the testing frequency, expectations, and process. For example, signing up with UserTesting, installing a Java plug-in, and how they'll be notified of these tests.

We'll pre-screen your participants by having them go through the same application process as our regular panelists. This will help to ensure that you receive quality feedback.

See this document for instructions on setting up your custom panel. This document also includes a link to a PDF of the applicant flow. You can include this PDF link -- -- in  your recruitment email along with the unique URL to a landing page that participants will be using to sign up for your custom panel.


Here's general guidance that you can provide to all applicants:

  • Use the Chrome or Firefox browser rather than Internet Explorer
  • Ensure you're not behind a firewall
  • Check spam folders for email confirmations from UserTesting
  • Return to the custom panel signup page and re-enter your email

If the above doesn't work to resolve your participant's concerns, we can troubleshoot for you using the participant's email address.

  1. Follow-up and Support.

Try to provide consistent updates about when the next study will be available and ensure that your participants are offered continued support. This will help prevent participants from losing interest in your studies. If you anticipate long periods of time between studies, consider emailing simple surveys to them on a regular basis. These simple surveys could be a few questions asking about their current gameplay, other games they play, interests, hobbies, etc.

Once participants join your custom panel, you can specify that certain tests only be distributed to the group from the drop-down menu in the test creation tool, when you are choosing your target audience.

Note: After participants are set up on your custom panel they’ll then have the option to opt into UserTesting’s panel, but before that, they’ll only have access to your tests.

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