How does UserTesting capture a participant's activity?

The desktop screen recorder is a tool participants utilize to record their screens during a test.

Along with recording participant's thoughts as they speak aloud, the screen recorder also has the following capabilities:

  • Displays tasks for participants to complete during their test
  • Captures participants’ cursor movements and clicks
  • Records participants’ thoughts as they speak aloud
  • Displays the time that has passed during this study
  • Provides participants the ability to pause the recording

Tasks will appear in the top right-hand corner of a participant’s screen but the task widget can be moved around so it’s not in the way. Once a participant completes a task they will click a ‘Next’ button on the screen recorder to proceed to the next task.

Note: Participants expect to spend about 15 minutes on a test. If you'd like to run a longer test please be sure to read the Ordering studies longer than 15 minutes article.

How tasks and questions are displayed for participants

Blank Task

Verbal response

Some task types are only available with certain UserTesting Subscriptions. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Multiple choice

See this article for more information.

Rating scale

See this article for more information.

Written questions

See this article for more information.

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