What Are Competitor Studies?

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This article briefly summarizes what a competitor study is and how they are helpful.


What is a competitor study?

A competitor study is when you ask contributors to interact with one or more of your competitor experiences and, optionally, your experience. This is also sometimes called a competitive study.

You can use any method for collecting feedback, but point the contributor to your competitor's site (instead of your own site) using the URL task type.

If you are comparing your competitor's site to your site, use the balanced comparison feature.

The Template Gallery in the platform provides a few templates that focus on competitor studies.


Why are competitor studies helpful?

A competitor study provides insight into what your competitors are doing well and where there may be opportunities to learn from their successes or mistakes. They also help you learn about the value and usability of their product designs or features.


When should a competitor study be conducted?

Competitor studies can be conducted at any time during the lifecycle of a product, but are usually conducted when you are thinking about redesigning and determining which features to focus on.


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