Can I Require Test Participants to Sign an NDA?


When our test participants initially join the UserTesting panel and each time they sign in, they accept a broad NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from UserTesting which prohibits them from sharing information about your site or app when participating in your test. For this reason, most of our customers choose not to require an additional NDA.

Administering NDAs to Participants

While you don't need to administer your own NDA for your UserTesting tests, you always have the option to require test participants to sign your company's NDA before accepting your test.

You can administer NDAs to participants with one of the following two methods:

1. Set up your own electronic signature with your company's NDA and place the NDA within a test.

To include your own NDA, you can set up an NDA document through Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) , DocuSign, a Google form, or another option of your choice. Here's how to set up a link to your NDA with Adobe Sign. Here's a sample Google Form.

Cost and turnaround time: There is no additional administrative service cost. There is no turnaround time, as test participants will begin recording as soon as they sign the NDA.

Instructions: Create a screener question that informs participants they need to sign an NDA to participate in the session, and that failure to sign the NDA before proceeding in the session will result in "a 1-star rating, a cancelled payment..." and that failure to sign may result in being removed from the panel.

In the first task, include a shortened URL to your online NDA (you can use a site like to shorten the URL). If there are multiple steps (for example, Abobe Sign requires email verification), follow up with a multiple-choice question asking participants to confirm that they've completed the second step. Adding your NDA in the tasks allows you to visually confirm their completion of the NDA. However, this process is based on the honor system, and if your test materials are especially sensitive, we recommend exploring Option 2.

Example: Place the NDA in a task:


Note: It's best to recruit a few additional users to ensure you receive enough completed tests.

2. Work with our Professional Services team to administer an NDA

If your NDA needs to be countersigned by your company, or if you'd like a chance to review the NDAs before test participants begin recording, UserTesting can recruit participants to sign your NDA.

Cost and turnaround time: There is an additional cost for this service. Turnaround time can range from one day to several days, depending upon the participant's availability to complete the test they've been assigned.

Instructions: Contact your Customer Success Manager or the UserTesting Support Team about initiating a project request through the Professional Services team.

Pro Tip: Some test participants may choose to not sign an NDA. If this happens, you should allow them the option to decline a test if they are not comfortable signing an NDA.


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