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The UserTesting Labs feature helps you stay informed about improvements and beta testing of new features on the platform.


Advances in user testing technologies and strategies are happening at a rapid pace. Every month we process an increasing number of test videos, and we’re continuously learning more about the needs of our customers and the industry. 

To continue to meet ever-evolving demands, we’ve created UserTesting Labs. Labs is a central place to check out the improvements we’re working on, and even gives you the option to participate in beta testing new features and sharing feedback on them.


How it works

You can access UserTesting Labs by logging into your account and navigating to the account button on the top left side which says the name of your account. Click on that button, and navigate down to the bottom of the drop down menu, and click on Account Settings. 



Then, select the UserTesting Labs tab.

Once you’re on the Labs page, any features that you’re eligible to try out will be listed with a brief description of the feature.

You’ll have the option to turn the feature on or off right from this page at any time.



If no features are available on the UserTesting Labs page, you will get this message.


When you disable the lab for some features you’ll see a prompt to provide feedback. At any time, when you try out a new feature, be sure to tell us what you think! You can contact the Support Team with any feedback.

UserTesting Labs is completely free of charge. Beta tests that you activate affect only your personal account; no one else using the subscription will be affected. 


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