Using Screener Questions to Find Your Ideal Participants


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If you're not able to target your desired audience with our available demographic fields, you can use screener questions. This is an optional feature when you're creating a test.


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Assistance with Screener Questions

Customers with a subscription may utilize their professional hours to receive assistance and consulting from the UserTesting Research Team. Writing great screeners is just one of many ways the Research Team can help you create great studies with valuable results.

Visit this article for helpful tips on writing screeners.

Recommended Number of Screener Questions

There are no limits to the the number of screener questions you may have, however, the more screener questions you use, the more likely you'll accidentally screen out your intended prospective participants.
We recommend you stick with three screener questions for any particular test. Remember you don't need to create custom screeners for age, gender, income, country, devices and a few other key items as these demographic filters are built into the test creation process.

How to Create Screener Questions

When creating your test, you’ll see the option to add screener questions below the Choose Your Target Audience section.

Select Screener Question to begin writing a new question or select Saved Screener Questions to select from previously-used screeners.


Next, write out a question that will qualify or disqualify participants for your test. For example, if you’d like to conduct your test only with individuals who travel frequently for business or pleasure, and book their arrangements online, you can screen as shown below.


Select Accept for participants to be accepted into your test, and select Reject for participants that would not meet your criteria.

A note about using Multiple Choice Options:

If you've enabled participants to select more than one answer, and indicated multiple responses as Must Select, respondents will need to choose all responses labelled Must Select in order to be accepted. Use May Select if there are multiple acceptable responses but not all are required. Respondents selecting any Reject responses will be disqualified.


How to Edit Screener Questions

You can easily edit your screener questions before a test has been picked up by participants. Just edit the question directly from your dashboard and either Save to apply your changes to a saved question or Save As to create a new saved question.

You can also Duplicate to add an additional copy of the question which you can then modify as needed, or Delete a question from your test.


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