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Invite Network gives UserTesting customers the ability to create and launch a study with anyone, anytime—on-demand. Best of all, the feature is entirely self-service, helping customers tap into insights from employees, existing customers, industry experts, and people within unique demographics faster and easier than ever before.


Invite Network is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


Key Features

How It Works 

Get the Most from Invite Network

Whom Is This for

With Invite Network, you can recruit users to test your product, helping you:

  • Gather on-demand, actionable feedback from existing customers, industry experts, and more
  • Get insights even faster with completely self-service testing with highly targeted audiences
  • Engage employees and generate excitement about your brand and products

Watch the video below to see how Invite Network works for contributors.

How It Works

Invite Network is built into the UserTesting Platform, so subscription customers will see the option to select Create link to get a test link they can share with anyone.


When you're ready to launch your test, we'll generate a link. An editable message template is provided for you to share information about the test with the group of contributors you've chosen.


Your message should explain what the test is for, as well as instructions on how to conduct the test. Once you’ve edited the message template to your liking, you can send it through any channel you choose.

message_template.pngOnce your contributors click the link to the test, they'll be guided through their test every step of the way, and soon you'll have videos from your users to review.

Note: Live Conversation sessions use Zoom, so Invite Network contributors do not download the UserTesting recorder. Still, they will need to be able to join a Zoom meeting on their computer or mobile device.

Get the Most from Invite Network

Invite Network empowers companies to tap into audiences in previously unscalable ways due to logistical, financial, or timing considerations. Here are a few ways our customers have been getting results with Invite Network:

Hear from your power users

The power users of your brand are another source of valuable insights. Sometimes a product or feature requires experience and knowledge of the product or a subject area. And that's where Invite Network can help zero in on specific personas to discover how well your product resonates with a specific audience.

Test with demographics not on the UserTesting Contributor Network

Sometimes you need to test with individuals who meet an exclusive demographic that isn't offered on the UserTesting Contributor Network.

Invite Network allows you to reach out to unique audiences you may already know that would otherwise be difficult to recruit for testing.

While we value the UserTesting Contributor Network, our niche professional audiences—clinicians, medical educators, clinical researchers and healthcare executives–are hard to find. To add to the challenge, for many tests we prefer contributors to be subscribers to one of our products. Invite Network made it significantly faster and easier to reach our subscriber base and gather the customer insights we need to improve our websites.

-Director of Market Intelligence at global healthcare group

Generate employee engagement with internal testing

Employees can be a company's greatest ambassadors—if they're engaged and involved in improving the brand. But testing new features with an internal audience can be time-consuming and costly, making it challenging to incorporate into an agile process.

Invite Network empowers companies to quickly and easily solicit feedback from internal audiences, driving more informed design decisions and increased employee engagement. The result? A better customer—and employee—experience.

Whom This Is for

Invite Network is available to any UserTesting customer who wants to launch self-service, on-demand studies with a customized group of test contributors not found in the UserTesting Contributor Network.  

Test contributor recruitment, compensation, and communication are managed directly by the customer, so tests can be launched anytime, with anyone.

Let us know what you think!

We'd love to know what you think of Invite Network, so give it a try and share your feedback with us!

For Contributor Support, visit the Invite Network Help Center.

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