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At a Glance

This article explains how to view the order report for tests launched on your seat-based plan.


Order history is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials  Startup
Advanced  Professional
Ultimate  Premium


For guidance on planning tests and managing usage on the seat-based plan, read our article on Guidance for Admins on the Seat-Based Plan. To read about reporting for the seat-based plan, go to Usage Reports. To read about reporting for the Flex plan (i.e. accounts that use Session Units), go to Usage and History Dashboard.


Step 1. Log in to your dashboard.

Step 2. Select the dropdown next to your login name at the top-right corner of your dashboard, then select Settings.

Step 3. Select the Usage & History tab.


Step 4. Scroll down and select View Full Report to see your Order History.

You'll see your full order history.

Step 5: Email full report

If you'd like a copy of all your previously-ordered studies in CSV format, select Email full report from the order history page and you'll receive an email with a link for a CSV file for download that includes the basic details of each invoice.


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