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Get feedback from all your target personas with the UserTesting Panel. You can use demographic filters, screeners, and more to ensure you are getting feedback from the right audiences.



Demographic information is collected when each participant joins the UserTesting Panel. By selecting these demographic filters in the study launcher, you can control the distribution of your test. Only users who meet your key demographics can view and accept your study.

Basic demographics are available to all customers. These include: age, income, gender, location. 

Advanced demographics are available for customers on Advanced, Professional, Ultimate, and Premium plans. The fields that can be selected for advanced demographics are: Age, Household Income, Gender, Employment Status, Industry, Company Size, Job Role, Job Level, Countries, Web Expertise, Operating System, Social Networks, Language Test is Written In (Defaults to English), Parental Status, Test Frequency, Web Browsers (Defaults to Chrome), Exclude Participants from Prior Studies, and Other Requirements. These demographic filters are available for computer, mobile, or app studies.


Language requirement field is selected to indicate what language the participants will be instructed to speak. Screeners and tasks will need to be written in the selected language. If you'd like participants to read the test in one language, but speak in a different language, please add it as an Other requirement. Note that the language field defaults to English.


Web Browsers field can only be selected when creating a study to be completed on a computer. 


Other Requirements

The Other requirements field is displayed to participants before they accept your study. This field is best used to let participants know any special information or requirements regarding your study. (e.g., "This test will require you to sign in with your Facebook account.")




Screeners are multiple choice questions that participants have to answer correctly before they're able to accept your test. Screeners are attached to each participant group you select for a study.

Click here for more information on screener questions or check out this article for helpful tips on writing screeners.



Let's say that you're looking for 25 to 35 year olds in the U.S. who make online purchases using their smartphones.

Approach #1:
Set the basic demographics

  • Age: 25 - 35 years old
  • Country: U.S.
  • Other Requirements: "You must have completed an online purchase using your smartphone in the past 6 months."

Approach #2:
Set the basic demographics

  • Age: 25 - 35 years old
  • Country: U.S.

Screener Question: When was the last time you bought something using your smartphone (Android or iPhone)?

  • Never. I've never purchased anything using my phone. [REJECT]
  • About a year ago. I rarely buy things using my phone. [REJECT]
  • Maybe 6 months ago. I sometimes buy things using my phone. [ACCEPT]
  • A few weeks ago. I frequently buy things using my phone. [ACCEPT]

Reuse Specified Participants

We also encourage you to reuse specified participants if you would like a follow-up study. This can be extremely helpful when testing out new iterations based on previous feedback you received. Simply enter the test participant's username (separate multiple usernames with a comma) and they'll receive an invitation to complete your test. 


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