If you've encountered a technical issue...

Contact our Support Team

If you encounter a technical difficulty while using UserTesting, please contact our Support Team (customer support) for assistance.

Clearing Your Browser's Cache/Cookies

These are the top 2 known issues that can be resolved by clearing your browser's cache and/or cookies:

  • Video not playing.
  • Unable to see changes to a test draft by a colleague.

Learn more about how to clear your browser's cache and cookies in these articles.

Technical Issues Reported by Participants

When a participant encounters an issue that prevents them from completing a test, they'll send a report to UserTesting and exit the study. You'll receive an email with the participant's description of the issue. Because they exited the test, their video will not be uploaded. However, our Support Team can help you get more information.

Sometimes a participant will report an issue that needs to be resolved before their test can continue. This will put their session on hold, as well as any other unfilled sessions (to prevent other participants from having the same issue).

We recommend that you check to see if the issue is on your end and make any necessary changes.

The issue may also have been a one-off on the participant's end.

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