What Is a Multi-Channel Study?

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When you want to ensure your contributors have similar experiences across various channels and devices, multi-channel study is an effective method to use. This article elaborates more on its use cases. 

What is a multi-channel study?

A multi-channel study is when contributors complete the same task(s) on more than one channel or device. This is different from an omni-channel study, where contributors need to use multiple channels to complete a task.

There are two approaches to a multi-channel study:

1. Each contributor completes the same tasks on one channel (desktop, tablet, or mobile).
For example, Group A will complete the study on desktop, Group B on tablet, and Group C on mobile. This option has the fastest recruitment time, but contributors only provide insight on a single channel.

2. Each contributor completes the same tasks on more than one channel.
This option takes a bit longer to recruit for, but contributors are able to compare and contrast the experiences across channels.

Why are multi-channel studies helpful?

A multi-channel study is valuable when you want to understand the user experience of the same activity on more than one channel or device, to ensure a consistent experience across devices and channels.

When should a multi-channel study be conducted?

Multi-channel studies can be conducted at any time, but they are particularly valuable when conducted before any redesign efforts.

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