Focus groups

What is a focus group?

A focus group is when a moderator asks a group of people about their behaviors, preferences, attitudes, and experiences on a topic or item of interest. Focus groups can be conducted in person or online/over the phone.

Why are focus groups helpful?

Focus groups allow participants to interact and converse with others while discussing a topic. They are helpful in gathering in-depth details about a group’s actions, thoughts, and feelings. The brainstorming leads to people building on each other’s ideas, which allows a group to really dig into an idea or issue.

You can also get feedback from a larger group of people faster than conducting 1:1 interviews.

When should a focus group be conducted?

Focus groups can be conducted at any time during the lifecycle of a product. However, they are typically done before development and during early ideation, as a way to gather requirements.

How do focus groups typically work with UserTesting?

Based on your required demographics, we'll typically recruit up to 10 participants for a text/chat based online focus group or up to five participants for a webcam or voice-based focus group. We'll coordinate with participants to schedule them at a specific time and date.

Then we'll host an online meeting via Zoom where a UserTesting researcher will navigate your website, prototype, or mockups and share it with the participants while also asking a series of questions based off an agreed-upon moderation script.

Remote focus groups can also be useful for an early ideation chat or interview during which no materials are shown. During a chat-based group, all participants will be muted and type in their responses in a group chat.

During a smaller, video-based group, all participants will share their webcams and participate via live voice conversation. The final result includes both a video of the session and the transcript of the participants’ conversation.

You will need to use both credits and Professional Services hours when you run a focus group with UserTesting. Because of this, focus groups are only available on certain subscription plans with Professional Services bundles.

Click here for an example of a UserTesting remote focus group.



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