Launch URL Tasks

What is a "Launch URL" task?

Launch URL tasks can be used during your mobile or web test any time you'd like the participant to be taken directly to a new URL.  This helps streamline the testing experience and ensure participants  can easily follow the test plan when it includes additional URLs.

When should I use a Launch URL task?

Many UserTesting customers create tests that compare multiple alternative designs. For example, they might compare 1) an existing page with newly designed options, 2) two or more existing web pages or 3) a company web page with competitor web pages. In these or other comparative tests, the goal is to understand customer preferences in order to make changes that present the best experiences. 

How to Launch URL tasks

Create a new website or prototype test and select your audience. Next, you'll set up the test scenario and the starting URL. Then, begin adding in tasks and questions to create a study plan for your participant to follow. At the point in the study where the participant should review a new URL, select Launch URL from the list of Tasks.


A Launch URL field will be inserted into your test plan. Type in the URL you would like the participant to review. This URL will automatically launch at this point in the study while the participant is completing the session.


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