Usage Reports

You may want to understand who, how, and how often your team is using UserTesting. To ensure that you can get usage reporting as often and as quickly as you need, you can now pull Usage Reports directly from your UserTesting account. To read about reporting for the Flex plan, go to Usage and History Dashboard.

How it works

From your account dropdown, select Settings.


Then, navigate to Usage & History.


You have the option of pulling the following information.

  • Tests ordered
  • Sessions ordered, in total or per team member, per month
  • Type of session created (device type as well as type of study e.g. My Recruit, Live Conversation)​
  • Amount of storage used for Video UploadVideoStorage.png

For additional reports, check the box alongside the report or reports you'd like to receive and then select
Export to CSV. You'll receive an email when the reports are ready for download.


Note: If your subscription includes Live Conversation, in addition to the standard usage report, you'll also see how many Live Conversation hours you've used.

How Account Activity Notifications Work

To help keep track of account activities, Account Admins can opt in to receive email notifications.  

There are two types of activity notifications that admins can set:

  1. Team members monthly amount: You may receive this notification when we notice high activity from a team member in a month and they have gone over the monthly amount of Session Units set. Note: This amount applies equally to all team members in a calendar month. The default amount can be reset or changed at any time. 
  2. Single test amount: You may receive this notification when we see a sizable test launched and it has gone over the amount of Sessions Units set per single test. The default amount can be reset or changed at any point in time. 

Only accounts which have opted in to receiving emails will be notified with these activity updates. These notifications are automatically received by the Account Admins only and other team members on the account—Creators and Viewers—will not receive these notifications. Opting in to set Session Unit amounts and receive activity notifications does not prevent team members launching tests or going over these amounts. 

Account Admins can change settings at any time. 

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