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Live Conversation empowers UserTesting customers to get human insights by creating and launching a live interview with little lead time using our diverse panel of participants or their own. You can recruit your own customers or employees or anyone else you have an email address for.

The feature is completely self-service, and interviews can be scheduled for the very same day, enabling you to get the richness of a face-to-face conversation with the speed and convenience you expect from UserTesting.

  Check out our Tips and tricks for capturing insights with your users with Live Conversation.

Key features


Live Conversation Mobile

UserTesting now provides the flexibility to conduct Live Conversation interviews across all platforms - including mobile. You can now conduct live interviews with anyone on our panel or your exact audience.

Live Conversation Mobile allows you to conduct Live Conversations with the participant anywhere while they are on their mobile device. Supporting iOS and Android devices, you can now test mobile prototypes, mobile applications, mobile websites, and perform light ethnographic studies at home, in-store, or on-the-go. Live Conversation Mobile supports the UserTesting panel as well as My Recruit, so you can test mobile experiences with your exact target audience from the UserTesting panel or from your own.

For unreleased apps, you can distribute the unreleased app to the test participant using a distribution service such as TestFlight. Once it’s installed, the test participant can share their screen through mobile screen share. You can also test an unreleased app by sending a link to a mobile prototype (not a real app in this case). 


Calendar Integrations (Google and Outlook)

You can integrate your Outlook or Google Calendar with UserTesting to make scheduling interviews easier. UserTesting will display available time slots based on your existing schedule. Scheduled interviews will be automatically added or removed from your calendar if they get canceled. You can easily track interviews so you will not be double booked for interviews.

To enable Outlook or Google Calendar with UserTesting, click on ‘Integrations’ under your user profile in the top right corner. From there, choose the correct calendar and select ‘Connect’ to enable the integration. You will go through a series of prompts which will enable this. 


You can also enable the calendar integration on the scheduling page of Live Conversation:

Same Day Interviews:

With Live Conversation, you can get human insights as fast as a recorded test. You can schedule interviews for the same day.

24/7 Live Conversation:

Conduct Live Conversation sessions 24/7 (including weekends). We have expanded the time zone picker to outside of the United States. You can now get insights outside of UserTesting U.S. support hours. This is especially helpful for those looking to connect with international users or if you’d like to speak to users after hours.

 Flexible Scheduling:

You can edit your availability after you've created a Live Conversation study. Update your availability as it changes or adds more availability if sessions do not fill. We will also notify you if you've run out of availability.

Adding Additional Participants:

Easily add or edit additional participants to a study after you have already set up the initial interview.

Live Conversation is great for:

Human Insights: Reach a wider audience by recruiting your own customers, employees, and hard-to-find demographics.

Discovery interviews: Talk with customers to understand their behaviors, problems, and pain points, or to generate ideas.

Concept tests: Get feedback on ideas early in the development process: Concepts, sketches, etc.

Prototype tests: When prototypes are difficult to understand or participants need guidance, a live conversation is ideal. You can also probe for a deeper understandings of why participants make the decisions they are making.


How it works

A Live Conversation interview can be ordered right from your UserTesting dashboard. Once you specify your required demographics or provide your own customers’ emails, you’ll be asked to provide times that you’ll be available. UserTesting handles the rest, from scheduling participants to reminding them of their appointment the day before and day of the session. Sessions can typically be scheduled on the same day, depending on the complexity of your test.

Live Conversation interviews are a two-way video conference: you and the participant can talk, see each other, and share screens. You can have the participant do anything they'd do in a video conference, like answer questions, use a prototype or website, or react to content displayed on their computer. The conversation is recorded via Zoom conferencing, and the video is automatically sent to your UserTesting dashboard, where you can make and share clips just like any other user test.

 When you log in to your dashboard and begin to set up a test, you’ll have the option to select a Schedule a live conversation.

Note: Only designated moderators, unlimited and standard licensed users, that have the ability to order a Live Conversation study will see this option. If you don't see this option and would like to schedule a Live Conversation study, please contact your team's moderator or your Customer Success Manager.


You’ll then have the option of choosing your participants from UserTesting’s diverse panel of over one million participants, or recruit your own group of participants, including customers, employees, and hard-to-find demographics.


If you are using My Recruit, you will not need to choose demographic filters, but instead will be asked to provide your availability (scroll below). After creating your test, you will be provided with a link to email to potential participants. Once they sign up, we send the test participant an email confirming their test slot, as well as reminders the day before and day of the scheduled session.

It's imperative that My Recruit participants join the session via the reminder emails:


If you are conducting a study with UserTesting’s panel, select your demographic requirements as you normally would. You'll be able to add screener questions, if you wish. 



Since you’ll be speaking directly with your test participants, there’s no need to define tasks or questions through your dashboard.  

When you’re ready to schedule your test select Provide Availability.


Next, you’ll be asked to provide your availability to conduct your Live Conversation interviews.

You will be given the option to enable your Google Calendar account so that you can automatically see your free/busy times.  

Note that providing more availability will make it easier to find participants for your study.


Finally, review the details you’ve provided and place your order. When your interviews are scheduled, the date and time of the interviews will appear on your dashboard.


You’ll receive an email confirmation of your scheduled interviews as well as reminders leading up to your scheduled interviews.  

On the day of the test, you’ll see a button on your dashboard to join your meeting up to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. When you hit the Join button, Zoom video conferencing will automatically be launched. Please note only the user who ordered the test will see the option to Join the Live Conversation initially. Once that user has started the session, they'll be able to invite other users to join by providing the meeting ID or URL


All sessions will be recorded automatically and available on your dashboard to review, make annotations, and share.  


Additional Features

Live Conversation Across Time Zones

Conduct Live Conversation sessions anytime 24/7 (including weekends). We have expanded the time zone picker to outside of the United States. You can now get insights outside of UserTesting U.S. support hours. This is especially helpful for those looking to connect with international users or if you’d like to speak to users after hours. Certain Premier Support customers will receive 24/5 live chat support and regular support will be available for all other customers.  

  1. Customer View: Unknown.png

  2. Participant View:
  3. Calendar view to show weekend & daily increased availability.




Same Day Interviews

You can now schedule and get insight from Live Conversation interviews as fast as with recorded studies with our panel. We have eliminated the 24 hour lead time required for Live Conversations resulting in the ability for you to talk to someone immediately. You can now schedule and get insight from Live Conversation interviews and get insights instantly.


Flexible Scheduling

You can now edit your availability after you've created a Live Conversation study. Delete times that have previously been marked as available or add more availability if sessions do not fill. We have also made improvements to let you know if there is no longer enough availability to fill your sessions by displaying this in your dashboard.



Invite Observers 

Once a session has been confirmed, you can add additional members of your team as observers by simply sharing the Invite observers link.


At the scheduled time of the session, you as the moderator would log in using your link. Anyone who has the observers link can also click to join the session. 

Please note: the session will start when the moderator (using the host link) signs in. Until then, the Join button will be grayed out for observers.


Each observer will default to appearing as a "black box" on the screen, with the option to engage their camera. 

💡 If you do not want multiple observers to appear during a live session (to prevent the test participant from feeling uncomfortable), observers can log in on a single device and then broadcast the session in a conference room for additional team members to view. In this setup, only one observer black box would display during the live session.

Take notes during session

Real-time note taking is available to Insight Core premium subscription customers, and Product Insight and Marketing Insight customers.
A Live Conversation moderator or observer can take notes in real-time, which will sync with the video recording. You can increase collaboration and share duties during interview by assigning an observer to take notes. 

And it saves you time when reviewing completed interviews— by allowing you to navigate directly to key moments that you've previously identified.



Check out our Tips and tricks for capturing insights with your users with Live Conversation.


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