Your UserTesting Dashboard: Overview

At a Glance

You and your team will be gathering feedback across multiple tests. Your dashboard is designed to help you easily build, launch, and manage all your tests in one place. A large number of functions are available on the dashboard.


Your Dashboard
Switching Between Accounts
Creating a Test
Creating a Test from Quick Answers
List View for All Tests
Single Test View
Folder Management Menu
Easy Access to Popular Functions
Cancel Sessions
Sort by Test Creator
Video Upload


Your Dashboard

Depending on your subscription plan and user permissions, you may see one of two dashboard layouts below.



If you have the dashboard on top, you have the ability to create tests from scratch, schedule live conversations, and upload videos. Depending on your subscription, you may also be able to create tests using Quick Answers.

If you see the dashboard shown on the bottom, you have the ability to create tests using Quick Answers and schedule live conversations.

Switching Between Accounts

You may be assigned to more than one account in your dashboard. This could happen if you had a Proof of Concept account prior to being assigned a full account, or perhaps you have a Primary Account and a Team Account.

Note that you cannot move drafts of tests between accounts, so whenever you are starting work, ensure you are in the appropriate account by checking the account menu with your initials and using the switch function if you need to change to another account.


Creating Tests 

You can create tests right from your dashboard using the New button.


You will maintain access to create unmoderated tests from scratch. To create a better experience as you build your test, Quick Answers has been integrated into the platform. Depending on the type of account you have, the look of your dashboard (and the features that you have access to) may differ.

A dropdown menu shows all the ways that you can create a test including from scratch, using templates, or by scheduling a live interview with contributors. Depending on your account, you may have access to one or more of these methods of launching a test. 

  • Create an unmoderated test - Remote unmoderated testing is when contributors complete pre-determined and self-guided activities using a design or interface on their own, without a person moderating or overseeing the test. The contributor decides when and where they complete the test and uses an online tool (such as UserTesting) to participate, provide feedback, and record the session for researchers to view later. For more information on creating an unmoderated test visit Remote unmoderated usability test.

  • Create a test from a template - Templates give you the ability to create and edit an unmoderated test plan designed with different insights gathering purposes in mind. You can use a template created by UserTesting, or by you or someone on your team's account. To learn more about templates, visit Using Templates. Other featured templates, like Quick Answers, can also be accessed here. Quick Answers are preformatted tests of unmoderated tests that you can quickly launch to get fast feedback and insights. The tasks and questions are written for you by UserTesting, and designed to answer the most common product or marketing challenges. You may or may not have access to Quick Answers depending on your account settings. To learn more about the available Quick Answers and how to use them, visit Using Quick Answers

  • Schedule a live conversation - Live Conversation allows you to create and launch a live interview to talk directly to recruited contributors or your own customers with results available within hours. To learn more about running a live conversation, visit Live Conversation Overview.

  • Upload a video - Store, edit, share, and consolidate other customer research on your UserTesting dashboard. To learn more about how to create clips, highlight reels, and more, visit Video Upload.

Creating a Test from Quick Answers 

Other users—who only have access to Quick Answers and Live Conversation—will see the dashboard below. From here, you can access your previous tests or select one of the two options to start a new test:



Depending on the subscription you have, you may also see the General tab on your dashboard.


The General tab allows you to access Workspaces which help you to better organize your tests and control access. You can move tests around, or have an administrator create additional Workspaces. You may also see tabs to access tests, drafts, tests and drafts together, highlight reels, and folders. 

To learn more about organizing tests and controlling access, visit Workspaces.

List View for All Tests

The dashboard lists each test as a single line item, including the number of sessions, test status, findings and results, and a note on how many videos are unwatched. This makes it easy to quickly scan through your studies and easily spot when new videos have come in. You can use the dropdown on the far right to filter by test creator.


You can also view tests and drafts individually or together on the dashboard. Use the test dropdown filter to view by Tests Only, Drafts Only, or Tests & Drafts.


Single Test View

When you click on a test, this window shows you all of the sessions in the test and other relevant information. From here you can do all of the video reviewing and management tasks that you're used to.



You can identify unwatched videos by the green dot icon.

Folder Management Menu

We’ve added a new dropdown filter to make it easier to create, filter, and manage folders of your studies. Use the edit and delete icons to rename or delete folders.



Click Create new folder at the bottom of the dropdown menu to make a new folder. Name your folder, and then Create Folder.


Bulk Actions

These checkboxes let you select multiple studies, to Export to ExcelPublish studies, or Move to...:


Easy Access to Popular Functions

Popular functions like, Create similar testMove to..., Export to Excel, Add contributors, and Publish test are now available from the dropdown menu:



Cancel Pending Sessions

Have a few studies hanging out there that haven't been picked up yet? You can easily cancel those right from your dashboard. Just select a test that has unfilled sessions. Next, select the session you'd like to cancel or check Select all pending. Click the Actions button, then select Cancel sessions to cancel the selected sessions.



You can search by keywords or test titles across a workspace. 


Sort by Test Creator

Want to see what kinds of studies other folks on your team are conducting? From the test tab, click on the All Creators. You'll see a list of team members in the dropdown menu and be able to sort by test creator.


Video Upload

Video Upload enables you to store and consolidate videos from other sources of customer research right on your UserTesting dashboard, so you can have them all in one place and edit and share just like your UserTesting videos.

To learn more about uploading videos, visit this article.

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