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List View for all tests
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Managing a lot of tests can be a challenge but the reward of targeted, actionable insights make it worth the effort. To help make that effort a little easier we’ve designed a new dashboard that helps our customers easily access and organize their tests even more efficiently.

 This follows a yearlong series of incremental changes that we have been making to the dashboard and navigation bar to:

  • Improve dashboard loading speed
  • Better organize and highlight key elements, such as folders and templates
  • Simplify the experience so that it’s easier to navigate to the places you need to be, to do what you need to do

Here's a summary of the features of the improved UserTesting dashboard:

Create a New Test

Select the New dropdown from your dashboard, then select the type of study you'd like to create. You can choose from four options:

  • Create an unmoderated test
  • Schedule a live conversation
  • Upload a video
  • Create from template


List View for all tests

The dashboard lists each test as a single line item, including the number of sessions and a note on how many videos are unwatched. This makes it easy to quickly scan through your studies and easily spot when new videos have come in. You can use the dropdown on the right to filter by test creator.


Single test view

When you click on a test, this window shows you all of the sessions in the test and other relevant information. From here you can do all of the video reviewing and management tasks that you're used to.


You can identify unwatched videos by the green dot icon.




Folder Management Menu

We’ve added a new tab to make it easier to create and manage folders of your studies. Use the ellipsis icons to rename or delete folders.


Click New Folder to make a new folder. Name your folder, and then Create Folder.



Bulk Actions

These checkboxes let you select multiple studies, to Export to ExcelPublish studies, or Move to folder:


Easy access to popular functions

Popular functions like, Create similar testMove to folder, Export to Excel, Add testers, and Publish test are now available from the drop-down menu:



Cancel Pending Sessions

Have a few studies hanging out there that haven't been picked up yet? Now you can easily cancel those right from your dashboard. Just select a test that has unfilled sessions. Next, select the session you'd like to cancel or select  Select all pending then Cancel sessions to cancel the selected sessions.




You can search by keywords or test titles across a workspace. 


Sort by test creator

Want to see what kinds of studies other folks on your team are conducting? From the test tab, click Anyone. You'll see a list of team members, and be able to sort by test creator.


Video Upload

Video Upload enables you to store and consolidate videos from other sources of customer research right on your UserTesting dashboard, so you can have them all in one place and edit and share just like your UserTesting videos.

To learn more about uploading videos, visit this article.


Let us know what you think!

We’d love to know what you think of the new and improved dashboard, so give it try and share your feedback with us by emailing

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