How to Launch an Unreleased iOS App Test

UserTesting makes it easy to run your unreleased iOS app tests! Just upload your app like you would to TestFlight and we'll distribute it to our panel of test participants. We'll instrument your app so it can only be experienced during the test.

Step 1. Log in
Log into your dashboard.

Step 2. Create a Test
From the New dropdown menu, click Create an unmoderated test



Step 3. Website or App Test
Select whether you will be testing a prototype, website or an app. In this case, we'll select Test an App.


Step 4. Select your panel

In order to test an unreleased app, you'll need to select the UserTesting Panel. Unreleased app testing is not yet available for My Recruit.


Step 5. Upload Your App
Simply drag and drop your app file, as-is (no provisioning required), and we'll distribute it to our test participants.


Note: You cannot launch both an iOS and Android App test within the same study. If you need to test the same app on an iOS and Android device, just create a similar test and indicate a different platform.



In this example, we've uploaded an IPA file.

Step 6. Select Your Audience
Indicate the number of participants you'd like for this study and indicate your demographic preferences. For app tests, participants can use a table or smartphone.


Screeners are multiple choice questions participants must answer correctly before they're able to accept your test. This is an optional feature you can select if the demographic fields above do not cover your needed requirements.


Step 7. Provide Starting Instructions

Input basic instructions to help test participants get in the right frame of mind. For example, "pretend you're shopping for a birthday gift for your mother", or "you took photos at a party and you want to share them with your friends".



Step 8. Build Test Plan
Input the questions and tasks you'd like participants to complete during your test. You can also refer to our bank of popular tasks if you're not sure what tasks or questions to use.


Step 9. Written Questions
After participants are finished recording their session, they'll see a pop up questionnaire with 1 - 4 questions requiring a written response. You can use the default questions that are included with every test or write your own.


Step 10. Review and Launch Test
Review your test details carefully before launching your test.


When you're ready, click Launch Test or Schedule Test to launch at a later time.

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