Using the "Other Requirements" field

If your test requires the participant to do something slightly outside the norm -- e.g., download and test your software, be enrolled in a college class, or be willing to upload a picture of themselves  -- please disclose this requirement ahead of time so that the participant has the option to decline your test from the beginning.

 By disclosing ahead of time, you'll help ensure only those participants willing to comply will proceed.

Since "Other Requirements" are displayed to participants before they take your screener, please keep this in mind when writing your screener questions and take care to avoid "giving away" the correct answer to a screener. 

Communicating Other Test Requirements With Participants

For example, **This Test Requires a Download of XXX. Please only accept this test if you are willing to download XXX.

You can place this note in:

  • the "Other Requirements" section
  • the beginning of your tasks write-up (Introduction)
  • your screener questions (e.g., "Are you willing to download and install a 20MB piece of software for this test?")


Select the Other requirements check box and you'll be able to add your requirement to the test demographics.


If you have questions about the Other Requirements field, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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