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Uploading a video enables you to store and consolidate videos from other sources of customer feedback right on your UserTesting dashboard. This allows you to have them all in one place, take notes and clips, and share them just like your UserTesting videos.


Key features

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Key features

Video Uploads enables you to:

  • Upload MP4 videos from any source outside of UserTesting
  • Quickly and easily drag and drop files
  • Create clips and highlight reels
  • Read and search through automatically-generated Transcripts (if available on your account)


How it works

Step 1: Read and accept UserTesting's Acceptable Use Policy

Before uploading videos, you'll need to review and agree to the terms of UserTesting's Acceptable Use Policy.
First, select t
he New dropdown from your dashboard, then select Video uploadNote: maximum file size is 5 GB.
Next, you'll be asked to review and agree to UserTesting's Acceptable Use Policy. Once you've read and agreed to the policy, select Accept & continue.

Step 2: Upload your videos

Next, you’ll be able to drag and drop or select your MP4 files for uploading. Note: If you add multiple videos at once, all will be organized under the same test on your dashboard.


After you add your video, you’ll be asked to assign a test name for your video. This will help organize your videos on your dashboard. If you add multiple videos at once, they’ll be organized under the same test. Upload videos separately to organize them individually.


Next, you’ll receive an on-screen confirmation that your test has been created, including the title. 


Once your videos have been uploaded and given a test name, you can either view your test by selecting View Test or select Close and return to your dashboard.

Step 3: Edit and share your videos 

Once your videos are uploaded you’ll have the ability to view, edit, and share, just like with a UserTesting video. You can read through the transcripts (if available on your account), create clips and highlight reels, and share videos with your team.

Step 4: Adding Additional Videos 

Once your videos study has been created you can add additional videos to the study which you also view, edit, and share, just like with a UserTesting video. Remember, the maximum file size allowed is 5GB. In general, we suggest uploading videos less than one-hour in length.

To add additional videos, select the video upload study you'd like to add to, then select Add videos from the dropdown. 


Once added, your video will appear along with any others you choose to include with the video test.

Step 5: Deleting Videos

If you decide that you no longer need a video, or if you'd like to free up additional storage, you can easily delete videos from the single test view on your dashboard.
After selecting the test where your video is stored, select the box next to the video, then select Delete from the menu at the bottom right of the screen. 

Please note, the video will be deleted from your entire team's account, so please be sure no one else on your team needs it before deleting. If you're sure you'd like to delete the video, select  Delete and it will be permanently deleted from your team's account.

Step 6: Monitor video storage used

Depending on your account, you will have 1TB or 4TB of free storage. You can see how much video upload storage your team has used via Usage Reports

Select Settings from your account dropdown and open the Usage & History tab. The amount of storage used to date will appear in the report.

To purchase additional storage, contact your Customer Success Manager.



All videos are uploaded using SSL which keeps them encrypted during transit. Once uploaded, they are encrypted and stored on Amazon S3, just like videos created by our screen recorders or Live Conversations.


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