Guidance for Troubleshooting Screener Questions


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The article explains how the UserTesting Platform helps you identify screener pass rates for your tests and what you can do to improve audience recruitment.

UserTesting helps teams get fast feedback. But sometimes, it can take longer for your audience to start taking a test. There can be many reasons for test sessions staying in pending status, but a common cause can be an issue with screener questions.

To help accelerate time to insight, the Platform automatically highlights screeners that are slowing the recruitment process, allowing you to quickly adjust the questions to better meet business needs.

When we detect sessions are filling slowly, screener pass rates will automatically be provided to help identify the questions that could be the biggest barriers to recruitment. Here is our guidance for troubleshooting screener questions to fill tests faster with your target audience.

How It Works

  1. After a certain number of contributors attempt your screeners, and some sessions are not filled, a message will appear on the Sessions tab that notifies you that additional information on pass rates is available. Click on either Edit screener or View pass rates to assess your screeners. unfilled_sessions_1.png
  2. Next, you will be directed to a new screen where you can view the pass rate for each screener question. For faster results, consider editing, removing, or broadening screener questions with low pass rates to include more possible contributors. View screener tips, located on the same screen, or read our "Screener Questions: Best Practices" article for more suggestions. unfilled_sessions_2.png
  3. Once you complete your screener updates, click Relaunch screener. You will see a message box appear to confirm if you wish to relaunch. Relaunching screeners will display your new screeners to contributors who haven't yet tried to take the screener previously (you can also create a similar test and launch your edited screeners to all potential contributors again).

    If you instead wish to make additional changes, click Continue editing. Once the screener is relaunched, the pass rates are re-set. The pass rates will only show for the new screener once enough attempts have been made.
  4. Finally, you'll be redirected to the Sessions tab, which will indicate that your screeners have been updated. New contributors who attempt your test will now be shown your revised screener questions. unfilled_sessions_4.png

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