Notes, clips and highlight reels

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 11:00AM PDT

UserTesting makes it easy to identify highlights in a video and to create video clips and share them with others. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Make notes in a video

Notes highlight any important issues or findings. They consist of both a time stamp and a short description of the actual finding. You can use notes to jump to specific sections of a video.

Ex. 1:45 - User overlooks the small 'Place Order' button on the checkout page

To begin making notes, open a video in your dashboard. Then select the Notes & Clips tab to the right of the video. Start playing the video. To create a new note, type in the box labeled "Type a note" or select 'n' on your keyboard. Playback will pause while you type.

Make a clip

You can easily create clips from your video, which can be compiled into a highlight reel and shared with others. To begin, play the video. To create a clip, hit the c button on your keyboard. The clip start and end points will be displayed in the timeline at the bottom of the video. Click and drag the endpoints to change them.


When you're through, click "Save Clip."

Make a highlight reel

A highlight reel includes all the clips you've identified in a video. To create one, go to your UserTesting dashboard and click the Highlight Reels tab. 

This tab will contain all your existing highlight reels and you can create new highlight reels by selecting Create a Highlight Reel.

Your clips will be listed on the left.​

Select a date range to view all clips created within that timeframe. Then simply select and drag your desired clips to create your highlight reel.

When you're done, click Options to share or download the highlight reel.
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