Ordering tests longer than 15 minutes

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 11:30AM PST

What is a longer test?

On average, a standard test should take a user about 15 minutes to complete. Because our testers are everyday users, some may need more time to complete these same tasks.

The best way to determine the length of your test is to use the "preview tasks" feature. Put yourself in the tester's position while you read and try to complete the tasks and questions. This will help you get a rough time estimate.

We also suggest ordering a pilot test for one user in order to gauge the length of your study.

Ordering longer tests

With a subscription plan you have the option to run 30-minute tests.

The cost is 1 additional test credit per 15 minutes, for each participant (2 credits total for 30 minutes).

To request a longer test, we ask that you use the following steps. This will help notify testers, so they are prepared to spend more time on your test without rushing. It will also help notify the Customer Success Team, so they can provide bonus payments to your tester.

Step 1. Create a test as you normally would and include the following statement for users in the Other Requirement field:

"This is a longer study and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. If the customer is satisfied with your test, we will add a $10 bonus to your original payment, which you should receive 7 days after completing the test."


Step 2. Once you've reviewed the videos and are satisfied with the results, please email a list of the test session ID numbers to support@usertesting.com. For example:

  • Subject Line: Pay $10 Bonus to Participants for Longer Tests
  • Email Body:
    Session #: 1388291A through F, 1388293A

The Support Team will provide bonuses to participants and make appropriate credit deductions from your account.

TIP: We recommend creating tests no longer than 30 minutes to prevent user fatigue and produce high-quality feedback. If you'd like to order even longer tests, please contact your Customer Success Team.

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